Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, W14

Services / Projects

Various External & Internal Projects


APA were appointed as Project Managers and Contract Administrators for overseeing various external roofing and repair and redecoration projects. 

These included the installation of a new glazing overlay system to the Grand Hall east façade elevation, which included the erection of an extensive scaffolding to the façade and the internal areas to facilitate access.

We also project managed an extensive array of roofing contracts, including the overlaying of 2000m² of the existing mastic asphalt coverings serving the Central Hall of the Olympia Exhibition Centre with a cold-applied roofing system; renewing the single ply membrane serving the west elevation of the Grand Hall, which involved a comprehensive scaffolding system, and application of a cold liquid system to the central galley /walkway areas.

In addition to the above, the works also included the repair and redecoration of the east elevation of the Grand Hall via abseiling methods.

In addition to working carefully alongside the site project team to work within tight timeframes between exhibitions, we also coordinated the internal refurbishment of various areas of the exhibition centre.


What led you to this career?
My passion for building started whilst assisting my father on building sites during the school holidays.  I began my professional career as an Architectural Technician predominantly assisting in the conversion of many barns and churches.  This subsequently developed into a professional Building Surveying career within various organisations, leading teams in delivering quality services to clients in varied areas such as the financial, social housing and private high-end residential sectors.
What energises you about working at APA?
Managing my own company allows all sorts of freedoms and opportunities to streamline my expertise and knowledge.   Creating a hardworking but more importantly supportive environment for others to develop and prosper.  I’m able to change and adapt as necessary and this keeps me enthused about the continued development and growth of APA.
What keeps you busy outside of work?
Away from the office, I can often be found either training for, or participating in events such as triathlons and cycling events around Europe, or a leisurely hike in the hills.  I also enjoy a strange gig or ten, art events and a lovely meal in a fine restaurant.