A comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of BUILDING consultancy

Contract AdministratioN

Projects such as internal and external repair and redecoration contracts succeed through the combination of clear design and specification, co-ordination of the team and effective contract administration skills.
Our wide range of skills and vast experience mean we are able to assist in the execution of internal and external planned maintenance projects, refurbishment and modernisation projects on a wide range of residential and commercial premises.
The practical approach of Antony Patrick Associates will guide you through your project from understanding and developing your brief, completing the detailed design and specification, obtaining competitive tenders and procuring the completed project on time and within budget with clear and concise client reporting throughout the duration of the project.

Defect Analysis/Technical Reports

With our vast range of experience we can undertake a range of non-intrusive visual and intrusive types of survey to determine the cause and extent of the defect. 

Our methodical approach to building pathology and inspection enables us to positively assist in the diagnosis of defects and preparation of clear technical reports, providing proactive advice for remedial repairs and where appropriate, assistance with insurance claims.

expert witness

Antony Patrick Associates routinely offer Expert Witness assistance to a wide range of clients in regards property and construction sector disputes and have established links with numerous legal practices.

We offer a pragmatic and practical approach to disputes and offer advice to the client and their legal advisors.

Our approach is undertaken in accordance with the RICS Practice Directives and Civil Procedure Rules.


We are able to provide you with a detailed feasibility study and appraisal before you commit to any project.

Combining comprehensive research with our technical knowledge and understanding of the building’s life span, we are able to provide recommendations that you can use to guide your strategy.
Our feasibility studies will commonly include consideration of site issues such as location, surrounding environment; planning reviews; environmental assessments; design plans; construction methodology; budget costings; potential additional costs; return on investment potential; procurement plans; delivery strategies and risk analysis.

A feasibility study should form a valuable part of your business plan, whether you are an investor looking at a project as a potential investment opportunity or as a developer looking to attract sound investment.

Licence For Alterations

Antony Patrick Associates regularly provide guidance to freehold and management companies and individual leaseholders where lessees propose to undertake alterations to their apartment that require a formal licence for alteration.

The level of our involvement will be determined by the individual client, but typically includes an initial due diligence assessment of the lessee’s application, the subsequent submission of a technical report to the client and legal team outlining recommended information and clauses for inclusion within the formal licence for alteration, and subsequent monitoring of the works as they proceed and sign off of all matters.

Our thorough and rigorous due diligence process ensures that the lessee alterations are completed diligently and helps protect the interests of the freehold and management company.

Clients also regularly instruct Antony Patrick Associates to assist in the formation of new draft leaseholder guidance relating to tenants’ proposals for undertaking alterations, or reviewing and adapting existing documentation to ensure compliance with best practice, regulatory and legislative stipulations.

Party Wall Matters

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 allows for the building owner to carry out alterations to a party wall (shared wall) or build new foundations close to an existing building; as long as the adjoining owner is correctly notified and works agreed, and that any subsequent damage caused will be repaired.

As associate members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, Antony Patrick Associates can give advice to both building and adjoining owners implementing or affected by party wall matters including:

  • Issue and receipt of notices
  • Preparation of, or comment upon, relevant building proposals
  • Inspecting for, and agreeing, Schedules of Condition
  • Preparation and negotiation of Awards

Planned Maintenance Programmes

The implementation of a Planned Maintenance Programme provides the key stakeholders/property manager with a maintenance and improvement strategy for the building. The preparation of a Planned Maintenance Programme can be essential and invaluable to enable forecasting of expenditure and budgetary requirements over a specified period.

Antony Patrick Associates are extremely adept and experienced at finding the balance between the needs of the building and the potential financial constraints of the client.

Pre-Acquisition / Building Survey

We undertake all types of building surveys on behalf of residential and commercial sector clients. Our positive commercial approach has enabled our clients to understand their potential liabilities in respect of property they are pursuing.
Understanding the interests a client has in a property will enable Antony Patrick Associates to tailor our service to suit your particular needs. With our services including not only an inspection of the property to report upon its repair and condition, but also:
  • A review of all relevant technical and legal documentation including lease covenants
  • Arranging for any specialist testing/reports e.g. relating to services installations, asbestos and other deleterious materials or land contamination
  • Consideration of risk profiles by way of dilapidations and service charges as well as adequacy of warranties
  • Advise on refurbishment or other potential improvements
  • Liaise with the other members of the acquisition team including solicitors, agents and other advisers

Project Management

The specific discipline of successful Project Management adds value to construction projects through the unique blend of construction knowledge and people skills. In simple terms it is about the successful delivery of the client’s brief from formulating the scope of the project at inception and providing strategic advice, to appointing and co-ordinating a professional team, preparing a programme and a plan to lead the team to a successful conclusion, whilst always protecting the client’s interests.

Antony Patrick Associates will take your project successfully from feasibility through to completion to deliver the project on time and within budget. We provide practical and strong project leadership backed by key experience across a range of critical disciplines, minimising risks and ensuring efficient completion of your brief. Our approach is practical, hands-on and commercially aware.


With our solid technical background, combined with our links, external consultants and interior designers, Antony Patrick Associates can provide a full property refurbishment service.

Our services include initial design meeting to discuss your ideas, property inspection, recommendations and design options for the scope and extent of the proposed refurbishment and supporting design drawings and specification, procurement and contract administration of the works through to completion.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Diligent property owners recognise the importance of adequately insuring their building so that in the event of a loss, the claim will be accepted by insurers.  It is equally prudent not to incur additional premiums for having the building over insured.   In accordance with the RICS guidance we accurately provide Reinstatement Cost Assessments across all types of properties and portfolio sizes.

In the unfortunate event of you suffering a loss we are also able to assist in managing your claim from initial inspection through to the completion of the reinstatement and dealing with the insurer’s appointed adjusters throughout the life of the claim.


Antony Patrick Associates have been appointed as Retained Surveyors for a number of clients, providing a complete range of building surveying services to their respective buildings.

The appointment of Retained Surveyor enables the client to benefit from a wholistic approach to their surveying requirements, from defect analysis to licence for alterations matters, along with the delivery of major works projects, through to the development of their planned maintenance programmes / capital expenditure plans.

We routinely work with the client / their appointed Management Committees and Property Managers to provide strong technical and financial planning advice, resulting in positive long term benefits and savings to the client and leaseholders.

Schedule of condition

Schedules of condition may be required for a number of purposes, for example, before building works may commence or to record the condition of a building at lease commencement to limit the tenant’s repairing liabilities at the termination of their occupancy.


Schedules of Condition can be prepared to suit individual requirements and include detailed descriptions of the condition of the building elements including a photographic record of the property.

Statutory Applications & Advice

Antony Patrick Associates can provide advice and guidance on the increasingly complex area of statutory and regulatory compliance within the property sector. Our services include preparation and submission of Planning (including Listed Building and Conservation Area Consent) and Building Control Applications for new build, refurbishment and alteration works.
In addition to these compliance items, we can prepare all necessary design drawings for inclusion in statutory application submissions.

other services

Antony Patrick Associates work closely with other leading experts in the field of property and are routinely asked to source additional or complimentary services on behalf of their clients.
To this end, we are able to arrange and instruct on your behalf the following services:
  • CDM Advice
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Lift Surveys
  • Deleterious Materials Advice
  • Specialist defect inspection
  • Structural advice
Where appropriate, these specialist reports are incorporated within our own reports, so that clients receive a seamless, fully co-ordinated and comprehensive service.


What led you to this career?
My passion for building started whilst assisting my father on building sites during the school holidays.  I began my professional career as an Architectural Technician predominantly assisting in the conversion of many barns and churches.  This subsequently developed into a professional Building Surveying career within various organisations, leading teams in delivering quality services to clients in varied areas such as the financial, social housing and private high-end residential sectors.
What energises you about working at APA?
Managing my own company allows all sorts of freedoms and opportunities to streamline my expertise and knowledge.   Creating a hardworking but more importantly supportive environment for others to develop and prosper.  I’m able to change and adapt as necessary and this keeps me enthused about the continued development and growth of APA.
What keeps you busy outside of work?
Away from the office, I can often be found either training for, or participating in events such as triathlons and cycling events around Europe, or a leisurely hike in the hills.  I also enjoy a strange gig or ten, art events and a lovely meal in a fine restaurant.